Time share Owners Lists
American Profiles has the largest and most sought after Timeshare Owners Lists available in the industry. Unlike courthouse records, Time share Owners Lists from American Profiles are carefully verified by resort name, address and phone number through strategic alliances with many Timeshare Associations across the United States. Order our Timeshare Owners Lists today and begin your marketing campaign by using accurate resort name in your chosen state. American Profiles guarantees validity and accuracy of Timeshare Owners Lists.
Sample of Available Resorts:
Pacific Monarch Resorts
Peppertree Resorts
Riviera Beach and Spa Resort
Sands Ocean Club
Schooner Beach and Racquet Club
Glen Ivy
Kona Coast
Maritime Beach Club
Marriott Resorts
Arroyo Robels
Costa Vida Vallarta
Embassy Resorts
Fairfield Resorts
Sunterra Resorts
Trapp Family Lodge
Yachtsman Resort
Numerous Other Resorts Available!

Timeshare Owners Age distribution is:

over 55 years– 37%
35 to 54 years– 53.7%
under 35 years– 9.2%
The average age of current timeshare buyers in the U.S.A. is 54 years old.
The average age of timeshare owners in the U.S.A. is 49 years old.

General Statistics:
The number of “empty nest” timeshare owners is 65.2%.
The median income of timeshare owners in the U.S.A. is $77,000.
55.7% are college graduates and 42.9% are high school graduates with some college training.
Timeshare owners take an average of 6.2 domestic trips a year, with the average duration being 4.2 days. The average total number of days of personal travel per year is 25.7.

California leads the nation in number of timeshare owners by state, with 270,531 owners, representing 15.3% of owners nationwide. By region, the largest percentage of owners reside in the Northeast, which accounts for 38% of all owners. Florida is the single-most preferred state by Americans for a recreational property purchase. The next five most preferred states are California, Colorado, North Carolina, Texas and Arizona, in that order. Timeshare owners are not from Middle America any more: they are from upper-Middle America and above.

Favorite resort and travel destinations :
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Thankfully, there are now more options for quick and fun vacations totally away from home. This is where timeshare rentals and resales sink in. It is the modern world’s way of rewarding its ever faithful servant after so many days of toiling and sowing just to earn a hefty amount of money.

And what is the best thing that ever happened to timesharing? It is the inclusion of timeshare list into the marketing strategies of most timeshares.

Timeshare list is the new and modern way of penetrating into a niche market without having to go to the hassle of random calling or random mailing. Timeshare list gives you the convenience of knowing exactly who to call, who to write, and who to offer your timeshares with.

Today, timeshare lists and timeshare owner lists are upshots of several agreements and contract with timeshare groups. This means that when you get to use of a timeshare list, you can be assured that what you are getting is not just a mere household data or a courthouse- notes.

One of the advantages of using timeshare lists is that it is, basically, for everybody. It is not just for those who are looking to sell or rent their timeshare but also for those who are looking for timeshares.
Rummaging to phonebook directories, pile after pile, can be very tedious work. And the worst thing that could happen is that you simply cannot find the right person or the right resort. But with timeshare lists, you are assured of a fast and reliable contact and in no time you are already talking to a timeshare owner or you are already on your way to the post office to mail the brochures you client needs.

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The Concept
Basically, the concept behind timeshare list is based on the fact that people would always want to go on a vacation. If you don’t know where to look for prospective clients, timeshare list is the right device to do the job.

However, like any mailing lists, timeshare list is classified according to some categories. In every timeshare list category, timeshare owner list will be provided.

Once you get hold them, start those catalogs ready and free the phone lines. With timeshare lists, you are ready to face the world and start marketing your business.

How Does It Works
Generally, timeshare list refers to a type of mailing list wherein people enlisted therein are used as receivers or addressee for magazines, newsletters, and any kinds of publications that reflect an effective ad campaigns.

The distribution of the paraphernalia are usually through the postal system or when telephone numbers are involved or included, business may opt for telemarketing technique.

Once a company was able to decide in which category they would want to get their timeshare list and timeshare owners list, they have to buy it or rent it, if they cannot afford to buy.

For rented timeshare lists, the company or the user of the list should know the rules provided by the mailing list provider. Normally, rented timeshare lists are only allowed to be used in a specific timeframe.

In most cases, the mailing list provider would implement the rules and earn a living on rented timeshare lists through salting.This means that they would even provide you with timeshare lists that have fake addresses and establishes another salts each time somebody wants to get or rent a timeshare owners list.

In this manner, it is a must that you check on the authenticity and reliability of the lists mailing list providers give you.

Nevertheless, timeshare lists are still vital elements in making your business grow. In fact, more and more people find using these different mailing lists as one way of getting in-touch with the world at the same time earning more money