Mortgage Leads Lists
Mortgage Leads Lists from American Profiles allow you to target the exact homeowner profile to fit your specific mortgage program, making your mortgage marketing campaign cost effective, and taking your response rate to a higher level! Our Mortgage Lead Lists can be precisely targeted and are extremely accurate. Guaranteed!
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We can target homeowners by their ages, incomes, home value, mortgage amount, available equity, length of residence, FICO scores, open credit lines, balances on credit lines, satisfactory credit, derogatory credit, seriously derogatory credit, judgments, tax liens, or bankruptcy (active by date or discharged by date).

We can also target investors with two or more properties, commercial or industrial properties, and almost any other information you feel is significant to target the best prospect for your specific mortgage marketing program.

Since the advent of printing technology, communication development has escalated to greater heights. Nowadays, printing technology had continuously proliferated in the world of communication through the postal mail system.

Consequently, the mailing system did not only serve its basic purpose but has, in some ways, diverted into a more lucrative function in the world of entrepreneurship and marketing. That is why most companies had engaged into the utilization of a mortgage list.

Hence, the mortgage industry followed the trend of this innovative marketing strategy. They, in turn, have come to use the mortgage list as their top marketing technique in order to boost their productivity.

Basically, the mortgage list is a collection of people’s names and addresses that represents the target market as far as a mortgage-lending business is concerned. In many instances, people who are included in a mortgage list are those who meet specific criteria.

For a company who is dependent to direct marketing promotions as their way of promoting their product or services, a mortgage list is considered as a vital element in accomplishing that goal. Therefore, most entrepreneurs believed that through the utilization of mortgage lists, the success of the company on its marketing promotion is to be expected. It also serves as a cost cutting technique in substitute to an expensive advertising strategy at the same time an effective means of increasing the probability of a more responsive market in terms of product or services promotions.

Generally, there is a vast array of mortgage lists; some of the most used mortgage leads are as follows:

Basic demographic profile

This classification of mortgage lists refers to the demographic profile information of the people. The information contained therein is basically the primary source of most companies who seek the services of a mailing list provider.

Under this category, the name, complete address, home telephone number, and the zip code of a consumer are all included.

The income data.

This category of mortgage list enumerates the income profile of consumers. This is very useful to mortgage lending companies who would like to promote their services to people who would most likely respond to their promotion based on their financial capability.

Home value

Because mortgages probes more on home equity programs and mortgage lending activities, companies who are in this kind of business will make use of a mortgages list with home values as their primary source of information. This means that people who would most likely seek mortgage refinancing are those who have higher amount of pending payables.

Bankruptcy files.

This category of a mortgage list refers to those who have already filed bankruptcy cases and who are in danger of imminent property loss. People on this list would make good mortgage leads because they would most likely seek the help of a mortgage refinancing company as an alternative move in their bankruptcy case, provided that the bankruptcy proceedings they have filed includes liens on properties etc.

Unsettled mortgage loan amount.

Homeowners included on this mortgage list category would be profitable sources of probable income for mortgage lenders and brokers. This is because people who have an outstanding balance on mortgage loans will most likely divert to other financial solutions such as home refinancing, home equity, or debt consolidations. Therefore, mortgage companies usually utilize this kind of mortgage list.

Name of lender.

This type of mortgage list would show a number of people who have already obtained the services of other lending companies. To use this as your primary mortgage lead, you will most likely end up with a number of potential clients who would also fall for your services or products.
So, for businesses that are into mortgage lending, it is best that you use these mortgage lists so as to help you in obtaining the kind of market suitable for the services that your company has to offer.
FICO scores
This category delves more on the FICO scores of the consumers who have an existing credit history.

Most often than not, mortgage companies use these kind of mortgage leads in the sense that they would most likely find prospective clients who are aptly suitable for any kind of mortgage refinancing. In this case, the list can include those who have low FICO scores and have higher credit card debts so they are ready to refinance to pay off the high interest rate credit card balances.

With this type of mortgage list, mortgage-lending companies will have a greater edge on their marketing strategy by utilizing the viability of the FICO mortgage list.